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Screw the Streams, Don’t Cross This Blogger

I know that as a writer and reporter, I’m supposed to be objective and fair to all sides and willing to accept certain facts I may not personally agree with in order to preserve the overall story. But this news makes wish I could find the people responsible for this #*$&ing travesty and rips their goddamn *##&s off and stuff them right up their #($*$ing #*$.

The MTV Movies Blog has confirmed that there will be a “Ghostbusters 3,” but most likely without the original cast.

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‘Ghost Rider 2′ Set to Go Up in Flames, Then Smoke, Then More Smoke

Here’s a movie that America has been dying to see. No not every other film in development other than the sequel to “Ghost Rider 2.” I’m talking about “Ghost Rider 2.”

MTV Movies Blog reports the sequel starring Nicholas Cage is already in the works.

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A Moment of Silence for the Man with the Golden Voice

We here at DumbMovies have no problem heaping praise to people in the film industry who deserve more than we can offer, just in the same way that we have no problem heaping literary manure to people int he film industry who deserve more than the entire fertilizer industry can dump on them, pun intended.

Voice actor Don LaFontaine died today at this week at the age of 68, according to The Internet Movie Database.

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There’s a Poster for Another “Saw…This Movie a Million Times Before Even Though There Are Only Five of Them”

If you enjoyed the last four “Saw” movies, then you might be familiar with this gruesome image of a guy getting his head julienned. If you didn’t like the last four “Saw” movies, you might be familiar with this gruesome image because it’s the way your entire head felt when you had to sit through any of them.

The Movie Blog has the skinny on the fifth “Saw” film.

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