Danny Gallagher has been forced to watch more bad movies than is psychologically healthy, which would explain why he is still blogging for the Dumb Network.

He has written everything from original humor essays to reviews and interviews for websites such as Cracked.com, FilmSchoolRejects.com, ArrivistePress.com and “The Center for the Easily Amused.” He contributes humorous essays and articles for newspapers including the Chicago Tribune’s “Redeye” and the Christian Science Monitor and magazines including the Wittenburg-Door religious satire rag. He is also a regular sketch writer for the Shadowbox Comedy Theater in Columbus.

He created the online movie humor column, “Movies that Suck,” as an excuse to write off his DVD late fees as a way of punishing the IRS and Blockbuster simultaneously without having to place an ad in Solider of Fortune magazine. Incidentally, Solider of Fortune has yet to publish one of Danny’s humor essays. “Movies that Suck” appears on several websites every week including every Friday here at DumbMovies.com.

He currently lives in Texas where audiences brought more guns into the movie theaters than there were guns in “The Matrix.” His website is www.dannygallagher.net.