Arnold Schwarzenegger…Not as the Terminator?

The Terminator is about the only role of Arnold Schwarzenegger the world can stand because it calls for a wooden, emotionless, stoic character who talks like he’s reading off a cue-card. It’s a wonder he didn’t get the Best Actor Oscar.

But MTV’s Movie Blog has some news of other people who were considered for that famous movie role.

A former stunt coordinator for the second film revealed that the studio wanted Lance Henriksen to play the Terminator role, which would be shocking if I had a joke about Lance Henriksen.

The studio also wanted rocker Billy Idol to play the T-1000 instead of Robert Patrick. No disrespect to Patrick who kicked ass as the T-1000, but Idol would have been way cooler. He could have totally taken down the Terminator by smashing an empty whiskey bottle on his head and then trashing his hotel room and sticking him with the bill.