Dumb Movies: Uwe Boll

There’s a Poster for Another “Saw…This Movie a Million Times Before Even Though There Are Only Five of Them”

If you enjoyed the last four “Saw” movies, then you might be familiar with this gruesome image of a guy getting his head julienned. If you didn’t like the last four “Saw” movies, you might be familiar with this gruesome image because it’s the way your entire head felt when you had to sit through any of them.

The Movie Blog has the skinny on the fifth “Saw” film.

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Boll Making Another Movie Due to Unpopular Demand

Uwe Boll hasn’t made a successful or popular movie to date, but that hasn’t deterred him from making another movie. He may be low on talent, but he’s high on determination and possibly some kind of homemade narcotic.

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What’s Sure to Suck This Weekend

It’s the weekend. We’re already two weeks into the summer movie season and the sound of the gas reflex can be heard from coast to coast. If you’re heading off to enjoy a flick during your Memorial Day weekend or if you’re one of those kids who has the summer off (first off, every adult in the world would like to say screw you), here’s what you should avoid at a theater near you.

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Get Free Gum for Ruining a Crappy Director’s Career

If you thought the “Stop Uwe Boll” petition drive couldn’t get any more cutthroat or sadistic, think again. A candy company is using their considerable muscle to rally together their band of diabetic, flabby armed gamers to stop Boll in his tracks.

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EW Calls Uwe Boll ‘Cinema’s Worst Director’

Entertainment Weekly, the magazine for people with coffee tables, recently asked the question, “Is Uwe Boll the worst director of all time?” They tried to answer this question by reviewing all of his films AT ONCE. We just like to say that you should never attempt to reenact this stunt at home. These people are professionals, even if they write for Entertainment Weekly.

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Boll Puts His Mouth Where His Balls Are

Uwe Boll has had an interesting career as a movie director, if by interesting you mean as interesting as a train wreck that a plane nose dived into while carrying a payload of fireworks, dynamite and CIA grade C4.

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