Dumb Movies: Video Game Movies that Don't Involve Uwe Boll

Ratner’s “Guitar Hero” Movie Has As Good of a Chance of Getting Made as a Sequel to “Money Talks”

If you thought “Rush Hour” director Brett Ratner was nutty after seeing every movie he’s ever made, wait until you hear about one of his movies that will never get made.

Ratner is trying desperately to do a movie based on the video game “Guitar Hero”, according to the video game blog Kotaku.

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‘Duke’ To Make Audiences ‘Puke’

It looks like video game movies are going to be around for a long time…unless I some how figure out a way to go back in time and stop video games from ever being made. That’s so crazy that it just might work.

Moviesonline.ca reports that a “Duke Nukem” movie is officially in the works.

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There’s a Poster for Another “Saw…This Movie a Million Times Before Even Though There Are Only Five of Them”

If you enjoyed the last four “Saw” movies, then you might be familiar with this gruesome image of a guy getting his head julienned. If you didn’t like the last four “Saw” movies, you might be familiar with this gruesome image because it’s the way your entire head felt when you had to sit through any of them.

The Movie Blog has the skinny on the fifth “Saw” film.

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‘Doom’ and Gloom

Video game movies are a mystery to me. They have a pretty solid track record of being really bad and yet they keep making them. It’s as if the studios don’t even care if they are good or…oh wow, I’ve just reached total enlightenment!

Dark Horizons reports that the creators of the “Doom” video game want a sequel and they’ll shoot you in the face with a big f#&$ing gun.

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