“Friday the Turdteenth” Pics Surface

If you want a sneak peak at the new “Friday the 13th” remake coming out next year, take a look for yourself, then poke your eyes out because you don’t deserve to have them.

ComingSoon.net has a sneak peak at some set photos of the remake that’s sure to suck.

We took a look at and we have to say we’re not happy, which is probably an understatement for a site that’s called “DumbMovies.com.”

The photos focused solely on the new Jason and he looks bad and when we mean bad, we mean as not good.

He’s got the famed deformed face from the original movie, but it looks too forced and fake to be real or taken seriously. It doesn’t look scary at all, just like a mask ripped off form the original movie, which isn’t great for a movie on a budget of a gross national product of a third world country.