If It Walks Like It Sucks and Talks Like It Sucks…

Another weekend is creeping up upon us like some kind of giant herpes monster and if you’re a movie freak like me, it’s something you’d rather avoid just like the giant herpes monster.

Here’s what is “Sure to Suck” this weekend at a theater near you.

It pains me to put this one on the list, but “Ghost Town” is sure to be an underground ectoplasmic river of suck.

It stars Ricky Gervais as a total a-hole who dies for a few minutes during a visit to the doctor and somehow picks up the ability to talk to the dead when he wakes up. So there is an upside to go to an HMO after all.

Gervais is such a comedy genius. Everything he writes and produces is pure gold. This is written by people who think they can write for Gervais’ style, in other words people like me.

Then our sure lock for the week, “My Best Friend’s Girl.” Why will this one suck? Well it stars Dane Cook and I think I’ll just stop right there.

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